Kinds of massages

We have prepared wide selection of massages for you

We have prepared wide selection of massages for you

In our offer you can choose a traditional Thai massage, which uses force to the pressure points, perfect stretch your entire body and release muscle tension. Furthermore, after an oil massage - massage milder form suitable for ultimate relaxation and overall body regeneration. Or aroma oil massage with genuine Thai ingredients flavor oils in several fragrances. This massage is the most popular massage in our workshop. For those who strain your back or legs offer a foot massage, back and neck. A special herbal massage with herbal sachets nahřívanými pain and cellulite. This massage is excellent for knee or ankle surgery. Massage for pregnant mothers, which relieves pain, discomfort in the back and spine. Or even the royal massage, which is a combination of several types of massages and massage techniques. The length of the massage can also choose your own. We provide an hour massage, massage for 90 minutes or hour massage for demanding customers. Of course the problem is not just a massage to try and choose a massage for 30 minutes.


A more detailed description of the massage can be found on our website under different types of massages. The premises are also catalogs massage massage with a description, price and length of massage accompanied by photographs of the massage. Thai massage is performed on a massage mat or mattress in a special outfit. Oil massage the entire body, then in her underwear on a massage table. Foot massage is carried out in a massage chair or massage on the mat.

All of our massages can be combined. Our customers typically use a combination of Thai and oil massage. In the first half an hour to release the muscles in Thai massage and another half hour just relax in the Thai music and massage oil. Massage is suitable for any problems associated with muscle problems, back pain, joint pain, knees, ankles and tendons, chronic headaches, migraines, etc.

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