Pressure massage of reflex points on the feet. Using oils will help your feet relax and regain a sense of freshness and lightness. Excellent after a long walking or standing. This form of massage reduces stress and brings deep relaxation. It is recommended to repeat each time you load a large foot. Excellent for all who work standing or walking a lot. One of the most pleasurable massage.

For special problems, such as achilovka, ankle, etc., masseuse uses original Thai massage creams to relieve pain. Alternatively, uses heated herbal bags of medicinal herbs. This massage is very suitable for problems of ligaments in the ankle, knee surgery, ankle, problems with muscle weakness.

Masseuse massaging all the muscles in the legs, including fingers. It uses massage oils, massage creams with healing effects. In particular, problems after surgery uses special herbal bags of medicinal herbs. These bags warms muscles and accelerate the healing process.

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