Peeling (exfoliating) oil massage is gentle and pleasant way of caring for the body and skin. The skin softens, turns off, gets vital and youthful appearance and velvety softness to the touch.

When you exfoliate your skin, are removed from old, dry and hard dead cells and pores cleaned using a special cosmetic product with abrasive particles. Gentle massage activates the subcutaneous microcirculation system. The body is then better oxygenates and detoxifies. Effects exfoliating oil massage will strengthen scouting peeling (scrub). We offer here, in our studio, quality scrubs with a moisturizing formula with 100% natural composition containing salt from the Dead Sea. We currently offer 4 types of body and 2 types of skin peels.

Exfoliating oil massage is a pleasant relaxation that washes away the accumulated negative energy, relaxes the body and mind, awakens optimism and produces a pleasant feeling of lightness, purity and freshness.

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